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Optimal Media Planning

We create individual solutions for your business
  • Media Strategy

    We analyse your target group, set campaign goals and create a cohesive communication strategy

  • Target Audience Research

    We follow the behaviour changes of the audience

  • Competitor Analysis

    We consider media activities of competitors and analyze parameters of their campaigns

  • Media Planning and Buying

    We choose the most relevant channels and negotiate exclusive conditions

  • Campaign Tracking

    We look after the airing of TV campaigns: the right version of the spot at the right time.

  • Commercial Recordings

    We record all aired TV spots of all your competitors.

  • Results and Measurement

    We create a report with the achieved results

We achieve high results
and grow together with your business

Our goal is your success. As you win, so do we.
500+ brands have counted on us 18% of the top 100 brands by number of aired TV commercials trust us (for the period January-September 2016) 4500+ realised TV campaigns
  • Avus Capital Logo - tv investment chart Growth of AVUS Capital,
    over the period 2014-2017.
    TV budget growth of AVUS Capital,
over the period 2014-2016 Growth of AVUS Capital,
over the period 2014-2016
  • Brandex Logo - tv investment chart Growth of Tymbark,
    over the period 2011-2017. * Tymbark are our clients since 2017г.
    TV budget growth of Tymbark, over the period 2011-2017 Growth of Tymbark, over the period 2011-2017
  • Gradus Logo - tv investment chart Growth of Gradus,
    over the period 2011-2017. * Gradus are our clients since 2016г.
    TV budget growth of Gradus, over the period 2014-2016 Growth of Gradus, over the period 2014-2016
  • Servie Medical Logo - tv investment chart Growth of Servie Medical,
    over the period 2012-2017*. * Servie Medical are our clients since 2017г.
  • Ficosota Logo - tv investment chart Growth of FICOSOTA,
    over the period 2011-2017.
  • KIA Logo - tv investment chart Growth of KIA motors,
    over the period 2011-2017.
  • Natur Produkt Logo - tv investment chart Growth of Natur Produkt,
    over the period 2011-2017.
  • Nobel Logo - tv investment chart Growth of Nobel Pharma,
    over the period 2011-2017.
  • Alpen Pharma Logo - tv investment chart Growth of Alpen Pharma,
    over the period 2011-2017*. * Alpen Pharma are our clients since 2017г.
  • Unicoms Logo - tv investment chart Growth of Unicoms,
    over the period 2011-2017.

We build long term partnerships


We value the analytical skills that have contributed to effective media communication through the years. The team has all the necessary qualities for an honest partnership.

The partner we have always looked for. Different approach to media planning. Analysis of the result of the campaign and constant intention to optimise the investments in reaching of higher goals.

A professional in their field and a loyal subcontractor who fulfils their engagement in time and due to a high standard.

Bulgarian Media Agency team is comprised of wonderful, intelligent young people with an exceptional flair and acumen. They are committed to delivering the best for their client's products. Choices and decisions are well thought-out, executed and analysed. I do believe they are the best in their field.

I have always received professional, correct and fair treatment and believe to continue our collaboration with BMA.

A team of great professionals, fully dedicated to provide outstanding client service. They are experienced negotiators, attentive to detail, always knowing their numbers and never distracted in negotiations when the interests of their clients should be safeguarded.

Due to our established experience in working with Bulgarian Media Agency, we can recommend them as a trustful and reliable business partner and especially to the pretentious/requiring clients who insist on quality and correctness.

Qualified, accurate, fast and reliable partner. Their professional service has brought about the correct positioning of our brands and the excellent results for our company.

BMA is a fair and responsible partner. We’ve always felt that they care and are committed to meeting our goals.

Good combination of efficiency and quality of the media buying service, acted as a trusted and client-oriented partner. Trustworthy flexible partner and one of the best agencies NBG has ever worked with.

The achieved growth in the brand awareness of D Cоmmerce Bank, measured in times, as well as the sales of the Bank's products, are also due to the excellent collaboration with the experts from Bulgarian Media Agency. We recommend Bulgarian Media Agency as a stable, predictable, correct and reliable partner.

As a consequence of working with BMA, we have been convinced of the effectiveness of TV advertising. The team defends and outstands the needs of its clients while consulting on the most effective investment of budgets.

BMA won us because they exhibited a significant understanding of the television market.

We are pleased not just with the achieved results but also with our cooperation with the agency. The team distinguishes itself by excellent knowledge of the media; exceptional analytical skills; out of the box thinking; direct and friendly communication; heeding to the opinion of the client; loyalty.

We would like to recommend B.M.A. as one of the most professional agencies and trustful partners FIC has been working with. Our common work through the years shows that the B.M.A. team is very professionally oriented and easy to work with. They constantly invest a lot in improvement of their services.